The Dancer

Years of training in multiple disciplines around the world with many teachers, has formed me into the versatile dancer and choreographer that I am now.   As well as performing in a variety of dance roles (solo through to ensemble) in various genres and medium (stage, film and television), I teach and choreograph for children through to adults, for both recreational, competition, and professional engagements.   I am now also the co-director of The Dance Workshop in Perth, Australia.POSE 3

I began dance classes at the age of four in a small community hall in the suburbs of Perth, Australia.  I began learning the usual “Jazz” and “Tap”, that all little girls start with, and then took on ballet as it became a mandatory requirement at the dance school I was enrolled in.

I grew up in an exam and competition focused school. Progressing through all exams in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz in the CSTD (Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance) and BAL (Ballet, Australia Limited) syllabuses, including my student teaching diploma for the CSTD (Theatrical).  This training exposed me to Jazz (in both commercial, street jazz and theatre styles), tap, and ballet including pointe work and character dance including traditional European folk dances such as the Ukranian/Russian Hopak, and the Italian Tarantella.

At 13 I began Flamenco dance.

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Photo: Courtesy Kenneth Schwartzman

Again, progressing through all the exams and completing the primary teaching diploma with the Spanish Dance Institute. For several years I was also a member of Danza Viva, one of the first Flamenco dance companies in Australia.  My Flamenco repertoire includes classical spanish dance (escuela bolero), castanet, shawl, and bata de cola work, as well as the signature flamenco dances with the ‘fast foot work’ and elegant and elaborate arm work.

In my early 20’s I began travelling frequently to the USA and Canada to train in more commercial styles including Hip Hop, Dance Hall, and Street Jazz in Heels.  I have trained extensively under the guidance of artists and teachers such as Luther Brown, Jessica Castro, Dana Foglia, Tweetie, Shotyme, Aisha Francis and many others.