Ashanti Bala-SuriyamWell for a start I’m pretty stoked that you’re interested in my ramblings enough to read this far. So here’s to keeping you entertained as I ‘kick ball change’ my way through my days.

I’m a mother of one very funny and entertaining gorgeous little guy  and sassy little girl, wife to a very busy surgeon (who is just as entertaining and gorgeous as his son), and a dancer -yes. Well not a professional one like the ones you see dancing in the ensemble of Chicago on Broadway (eek my dream job), or supporting the likes of Jennifer Lopez. I’ve been about as ‘professional’ as you could get living in the sleepy town of Perth (Australia).  But just putting it out there – yes J-Lo I will dance in your show.

I’ve been to as many courses, workshops and intensives, constantly training and preparing myself for a ‘career in dance’ or a ‘career in showbiz’.  Let’s just say that I’m still on that journey even at the ripe age of 36 (depending on when you read this).  But success is about the journey right? Not the destination. So I guess this long journey, even if I never land that “dream job”, allows me to ‘live my dream’ constantly in pursuit of it. I own and run my own dance studio in Perth  .  I love this place so much. I have the best team any “boss lady” could ask for. My admin team are my rock(s).  I hands down have the best teachers in my City. And, the students, wow, the students! everyone from the post-professionals to the 70 year olds learning to dance for the first time, give me so much to live and work for. They all really are my motivation to keep going.

I hold a Law Degree, and an Arts Degree (major in Political Science), and am part way through an MBA (will decide if I want to finish that later).  I’ve been involved in the banking sector and in the legal and policy aspects  in government.  In 2007 I started a promotions company (Realise Energise Dance) that toured international dancer/choreographers throughout Australia teaching workshops.  Some of the artists I toured included Luther Brown, Showtyme, Tweetie, Kumari Suraj, Tre Armstrong, Mr, Wiggles, and Poppin Pete  just to name a few.

Clearly dance is my one and only passion. It was the only thing I was ever remotely good at.  And while I am not the epitome of the ‘successful professional’ dancer, that I’d like to be, I have always found a way to make it a part of my life.  This blog is about how I do that as I try to redefine the term “dance mum”.



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